Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Facts matter even in a #posttruth age (no #alternativefacts)

There will always be facts even when there are "alternative facts," and alternative facts aren't facts at all. Lawyers rely on facts, and what the facts are is somewhat malleable--at least at times. There is one major caveat here: you can't be dishonest. Dishonesty makes debatable facts untrue, and I've seen plenty of dishonest lawyers. But it is up to lawyers to point out the truth.

Lawyers have risen up against unlawful and immoral "laws" recently, and throughout our history. They've once again regained the mantle of the 'guardians of our democracy.' Truth is at the heart of this, and that truth is we all matter. Laws matter. Facts matter. Truth matters.

Allegedly we are in a "post truth" age, and the solution to that is tell the truth.

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