Friday, December 2, 2016

Some police need to quit arresting the #mentallyill for no reason #SocialSecurityDisability #lawyerslife

Too many of my clients are arrested for being mentally ill and being in areas where yuppies frequent. If you've ever been on 4th Street in Winston-Salem, you know that it is where professional people go to eat, watch movies, and have fun in the revitalized downtown. The unspoken rule, as best I can tell, is for the police to keep homeless people away. Many of the homeless are mentally ill. They are existing, and that's all they are doing. But the police don't like that. They think it is bad for business, so they "clear out the undesirables (that's how they view them)". Many police are understanding, and they don't arrest without a valid reason. There aren't enough understanding police, though, and people get arrested for being mentally ill. Unfortunately, this will only get worse in January.


  1. Do you want your elite gathering place to be over run by homeless people? Or do you want them to keep it clear so you can pay for over priced food and lie and party with your friends. How about taking the homeless home with you and feeding them a meal.

  2. Who says I spend time in elite gathering places?

  3. Anonymous people who comment amuse me. Why be anonymous?