Friday, December 30, 2016

"Bones of last year" #amwriting

This year will soon be like
the bones of last year.
Vibrant in our minds
but finite.
And irreparable.

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

"In the weeds" #micropoetry

They grow when you don't see them.
Until all you can see is them.
They are perversely green
because there is nothing vital about them.
Choking the life out of you.
But you planted their seeds.

"Bait and Switch" #micropoetry

You stayed in your hole too long.
You came out when the fall winds blew.
Because a madman beckoned you.
And then you made a bad choice.
All your choices are bad.
But you don't know it yet.
You will soon.

Friday, December 23, 2016

#HappyFestivus and the #airingofthegrievances (if you are offended, lighten up)

Festivus is a glorious holiday because it is so honest and real. It is a fictional holiday, but haven't we made it real? And aren't all holidays fictional because all history is not fully true? And holidays are usually based on historical events. So Festivus is as real as any other holiday.

My favorite part of Festivus is the "airing of the grievances." There are quite a few this year, but I am going to be general:

1) Our institutions at the local level failed us;
2) Our presidential election failed us, and may have led to the end of our republic;
3) There are more racist bigots out there than I thought; and
4) Human beings are largely a reprehensible lot.

All of this being said, there are still many good people in the world. The deplorable ones just stand out more than they used to.

Happy Festivus.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

#History and #RussianHackers #HistoryChannel

Image may contain: text

#Festivus is tomorrow--so, Happy Festivus (there is no #waronchristmas)

Christmas is alive and well, but we can only hope it will one day be supplanted by Festivus, which is a more necessary holiday. The "Airing of the Grievances" part is essential. It is cathartic.

Dudes who are like this is my main grievance:

Friday, December 9, 2016

Is #FirstAmendment safe in America?

Free speech has never faced such a dire threat. We have a President-Elect who wants to curtail the First Amendment and possibly shut down the Internet. He excludes the press, and he threatens people into silence via Twitter. We have only to look at his threats on Twitter and by his surrogates. Kellyanne Conway has warned against speaking out against Trump. Look what happened to the union boss who questioned Trump.

I don't think Trump will be successful in stifling free speech (at least not completely, but it is scary.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

#FakeNews and #PizzaGate reveal the scourge of crazy, stupid people

A man from North Carolina drove all the way up to DC on Sunday because he believed a fake new story. He thought Hillary Clinton campaign staffers were operating a sex ring out of a pizza place in DC. This guy actually believed this story.

Stupidity like this is dangerous. Luckily he didn't kill anyone, but he could have. The more disturbing fact is that this story was pushed the by General Michael Flynn's son Michael Flynn, Jr.  on social media. General Flynn is Trump's pick for NSA advisor.

Fake news should scare all of us after this absurd event. Pizza Gate

Can #MerrickGarland still be approved prior to #DonaldTrump and the new Senate taking office?

Yes he can. On January 3, 2017, there will be 66 Senators prior to the new Senators being sworn in. The Democrats will have the majority for a few minutes. Vice President Biden can appoint Senator Dick Durbin the Senate Majority Leader, and then the Democrats can suspend the rules. If 38 Democrats vote for Garland, then that will be a majority vote. Garland will be confirmed.

I hope they do this. It s perfectly legal, and it is a necessary response given that the Senate didn't do its job in holding a vote.

For more reading, check out way to confirm Merrick Garland

Saturday, December 3, 2016


Not sure why a handicapped plackard is on a hotrod in a nonspace. Guy stayed for awhile too so he wasn't idling.


Friday, December 2, 2016

Some police need to quit arresting the #mentallyill for no reason #SocialSecurityDisability #lawyerslife

Too many of my clients are arrested for being mentally ill and being in areas where yuppies frequent. If you've ever been on 4th Street in Winston-Salem, you know that it is where professional people go to eat, watch movies, and have fun in the revitalized downtown. The unspoken rule, as best I can tell, is for the police to keep homeless people away. Many of the homeless are mentally ill. They are existing, and that's all they are doing. But the police don't like that. They think it is bad for business, so they "clear out the undesirables (that's how they view them)". Many police are understanding, and they don't arrest without a valid reason. There aren't enough understanding police, though, and people get arrested for being mentally ill. Unfortunately, this will only get worse in January.