Friday, September 9, 2016

#SocialSecurityDisability hearing times appear to be speeding up #lawyerslife

Tennessee is picking up some of the bulk of Greensboro hearings or so it appears in my practice. My hearings are ticking up each month, and that's great for my clients. They've waited too long. I worry about them. I don't know how anyone survives waiting years. It is unfortunate, but it is preventable. Congress, however, chooses not to help people by speeding up the process. They cut funding for the Social Security Administration offices, and that slows down the process. They make less money available to pay for judges and courthouses. This is all very deliberate.

Congress wants less assistance for people in need, but they want more prisons. They want to criminalize mental illness and homelessness. I see it everyday.

Things need to change.

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