Monday, June 20, 2016

#Disney should expect a huge lawsuit based on #negligence and #attracrtivenuissance for #alligator killing of young child.

Disney had no warning in the lagoon where the little boy was drowned by the alligator. It appears Disney routinely pulls alligators out of that body of water. I am shocked there were no warning signs. Alligators are seen quite a bit down in Florida.

A body of water naturally attracts a child, and it is therefore an "attractive nuisance" because a child is lured into a dangerous place. Water is dangerous in and of it self, but it is downright fatal to anyone when you throw in an alligator.

Expect Disney to get the pants sued off of it or to settle quietly and confidentially prior to suit. Even after a lawsuit they may settle quietly and confidentially. Or they may get slapped with a huge verdict.

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