Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Why do police harass homeless people? #injustice

Many of my clients are homeless, and the police often harass them for no reason other than that they are homeless. I've seen the police do it, and too many of my clients report it for it to be anything other than their being targeted for appearing homeless. They are treated as subhuman. It is a lot like racial profiling.

I know the police have a tough job, but they choose to be police. They get paid for it, and that means they need to not be jerks and kick people when they ate down. Grow up or quit your job.


  1. I'm a Winston Salem police officer. Why do look to find fault in me and my brothers? You probably never lived anywhere where you needed us is my guess.

  2. The WS police seem much more tolerant than other police. I wish all police were that professional. Many of my clients are harassed by the police primarily for being homeless.