Monday, March 28, 2016

"We can't help you, goodbye" #SocialSecurityDisability

I heard these words spoken by an automated voice. Happy Monday to me. And why did I hear these words spoken by this atonal, automated voice? An explanation could take a few months if I were as thorough as I needed to be. So I will boil it down to a few reasons.

First, SSA is understaffed. And why are the understaffed? Congress hasn't adequately funded Social Security disability for going on a decade now. This makes claims very slllllooooowwww. If it is this frustrating to me, then I can't imagine what it is like for my clients.

I win a large percentage of my cases (this doesn't insure I will keep winning though), but it it gets harder and harder to get paid due to needless delays. 

There are gauntlets the federal government purposefully sets up. For example, SSA has to communicate with claimants about payment options even though they already have their bank account information. Many of these claimants are difficult to reach. This delays payments and can lead to an outright dismissal of the case.

Second, I was calling about my legal fees. The government wants to hold those monies as long as possible. If lawyers don't get paid, then SSA gets to hold onto the money, and lawyers won't take the cases. If lawyers don't take cases, then SSA won't have to pay out as much. If you don't think Social Security is making these calculations, you are naive. That's government.

In conclusion, it is tough for anyone to get paid even if you win, but you can still get paid--eventually.  

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