Thursday, March 24, 2016

NC General Assembly wastes $42,000 in order to discriminate against #LGBT in bathroom bill and deny a higher minimum wage-- it will use fines from speeding tickets to pay for it!

And they called a special session to do it. The NC General Assembly is so intrusive that they want to keep transgendered people in the bathroom for the "sex they were born with." I take it they don't grasp the nuanced distinction between gender and sexual identity. Most of these goofballs wouldn't know nuance if it jumped down their pants and bit them. This law was passed in response to Charlotte's local ordinance aimed at creating more tolerance of transgendered individuals through a more flexible standard for use of bathroom facilities. Our General Assembly doesn't want such things.

Sheriff BJ Barnes, who is a blithering idiot and my sheriff, supported the legislation by taking time off work (work which my tax dollars pay him to do) to show support by attending the special session.

Oh...and they decided to deny a higher minimum wage to people in the same bill.

The ever worthless John Blust and John Hardister voted for the bill. Surprise, surprise. 

So bravo for being stupid bigots. 


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