Monday, August 31, 2015

#micropoetry "Inspiration is elusive"

Inspiration is a tease.
It comes and goes without regard
for the damage inflicted by its fickleness.

Writing about something you enjoy and
believe in is rapturous.
Not being able to conjure up soaring
ideas is mental torture.
I am like a rubber band pulled
between these two extremes.


Thursday, August 27, 2015

#poetry "Being Creative is Different" #micropoetry

Because most people aren't.
They cannot conceive of anything original.
And they don't understand people who create whether it be 
writing or
drawing or 
playing musical instruments.

#poetry "Old Sign" #micropoetry

Kudzu envelops the old sign
attempting to cover it up.
But some of the letters still peer through.

The letters are trying to say something
to mean something
but it is hard.
When your purpose is gone.
When the thing that you marked
is now gone.
Irrelevance is worse than redundancy.

Disparate letters
on a peeled pain sign
covered by a weed
but some of the letters are still visible.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Are Social Security benefits available to same sex couples?

Yes they are, and they should be.  These include SSD benefits, spousal benefits and retirement benefits in general.  This is not shocking given the trajectory of the law.  It is a natural progression, and it has been a long time coming.

For more info, see

#micropoetry "Old Television" #amwriting

The television sat
entangled in the
wet summer grass
discarded and left for
anyone to take.
An ignominious end for
the most watched thing in that house for years.

How many images must have flickered across the screen?
Things seen that cannot be unseen.
Now left on the curb
kicked to the curb.
How quickly objects lose their meaning
and become "trash."

People are treated like this too.
We don't like to talk about it.
But it happens.
Every day.
We will all be that television eventually.


Monday, August 24, 2015

#micropoetry "Coloring is good for you"

Coloring is supposed to be good for you.
Soothing and Zen-like.
And I suppose it is.

I am good at it now,
but I wasn't as a kid.
When it mattered more.

Before I knew I could draw
or color
or write
even though by doing those things
I am by definition doing them.
So everyone can do all three.
And who can do them better or worse is subjective.
But now I know I can just by doing.
I do them just to do them.
To exist and be mindful.
Isn't that the point?

Sunday, August 23, 2015


#amwriting "Odd minutes I'm in"

I tweeted with BJ Novak.
I bought an adult coloring book and a Zen drawing book.
Then I saw a guy with a mullet like a black squirrel tail.

North American toilet paper #snake

Because some things are tough to flush. Gives new meaning to the term pipe snake.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

#micropoetry "Excited"

I am excited about so many things.
Everything is open and obtained and more obtainable still.
Because of you.
All I've ever wanted is to dwell in my too short hours with you.
And now I do that.

"#R2D2 in the sky with diamonds" #micropoetry

As I drove to work I heard a rustling.
I glanced back to see an R2D2 balloon 
floating in the sky.
A reminder of childhood and my most recent birthday floating away twinkling in the sky like diamonds.
Childhood and adulthood locked in a tango.
Childhood stays with us even if we push it away or it escapes because it always comes back.
Wonder and the ability to see the beautiful discovery in life should remain with us even though it may be called  childish.
Our childish selves can teach us.
Childhood is not gone forever even as an adult.
Nothing stays gone forever.
It all manifests eventually or never goes away to begin with.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

#micropoetry "Write for Yourself"

Write for yourself.
If you don't, don't write then.
because you should do it for yourself.
It is always self-expression even if it is about others.
But it never really is about others.

When we read biographies
we are reading about ourselves.
When we write something
we are writing about ourselves.
It is all self-discovery.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Do you need to be present to win your Social Security disability case? #SSA #disability #lawyer

Not necessarily.  Tuesday I had a SSD claimant who couldn't appear at his hearing because his whereabouts are unknown, but there was a vocational expert present.  So we took vocational expert's testimony.  This means a decision can be reached even if claimant doesn't show up at another hearing after the show cause order is issued.  If we didn't take vocational expert testimony, then his case would be dismissed if he failed to show up at the second hearing.

Unfortunately this claimant is mentally ill and likely in the midst of a psychotic break due to schizophrenia.  Claimant's absence is evidence of disability.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

#micropoetry "Don't scold"

After a certain age you can't be scolded.
Adults go by their first name.
You don't have to obey your elders.
And you can make your own decisions.
Some will call you immature.
Most know this is adulthood, the death of mindless, unwarranted obedience to dubious authority.

Monday, August 10, 2015

#amwriting My #flashfiction story will be published by Flash Fiction Magazine (@FlashFicMag) in September

I am excited my story, Take Care Of, is going to be published in Flash Fiction Magazine in September.  It is a twisted, yet humorous tale.  I have written a great deal of short fiction over the years, and I have just now started to submit it for publication.  Fortunately, I am having luck thus far.  We shall see what happens with my novel, once I'm done that is.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

#amwriting further novel notes while editing #moleskine

It is a process.  Tedious.

#micropoetry "Inspiration can tease you"

Inspiration comes and goes 
but never neatly.
It is rarely clear and is glimpsed through blurry eyes.
You have to be trained to see it, hear it or feel it.
And that comes from hours of being uninspired and unimaginative.

#micropoetry "Getting it out"

It is important to get out your thoughts 
otherwise they vanish.
They blow away and disappear 
like melting confetti.
Ideas are neither good nor bad.
But do not let them remain nascent.
Put them out there 
and let them become something.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#micropoetry "Coffee shop"

He stares blankly
Because he's always empty 
In spite of being full.

The overpriced coffee cannot cover up
The hole he dug so quickly.
The caffeine doesn't comfort him so 
He sits and does nothing.

His mind and body are heavy 
Just like him.