Sunday, November 8, 2015

#microstory "Trapped"

Sage broke the crystal, and everything changed after that.

Donnie didn't know how long he'd been trapped in the crystal over Madison's mantle, but he was tired of being there.  She'd "crystalized his essence" months ago, and he hadn't been able to escape since.

"I'm going to have you forever," she said.  Madison never went to sleep without saying that to the crystal.

Sage broke in Madison's house, ran to the crystal and broke it.  From the broken crystal emerged  Donnie, naked like a baby out of the womb.

"Come on dad," Sage said, "we gotta get out of here."

"You can't go," yelled Madison.

"This is the end of your redneck fairytale," said Sage.  Then they walked out the door. 

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