Saturday, November 21, 2015

#microstory "Dravon Rain gets his"

"I should have left that woman alone," 'Dravon Rain' said.  He clutched his side where he'd been shot by a jealous husband.

Ronnie was his real name, and he had been fat for years until the last few years.  Now he was in good shape, and he'd gotten that way from working at a local car wash.  When women started paying him attention, he decided to offer his services under the alias Dravon Rain.

He would leave a card in cars of the women he washed with a picture of him shirtless and long hair.

One woman named Misty Dawn called him one day.  He thought the name was an alias--it wasn't.  She asked him to show up at her house.  He did.

She pushed him on the couch and jumped on him.  Her husband, Donnie, busted in and said, "Dammit Misty.  You are at it again with another man."  He pulled out his gun and gut shot Dravon.

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