Friday, October 2, 2015

#microstory "Words aren't just words especially when they are magic"

"I really need a cheeseburger," said 'Donnie'.  He was tired of being in the bed with a broken leg.  And he had gotten better at using his crutches.

"What are you doing?" said Luigi Vampa.

"I'm going to get food."

"No you aren't."  Donnie pushed past Vampa.  Then Donnie hopped in his Hummer and drove off.

Horns grew on Luigi Vampa's head, and his skin turned red kind of like Hellboy and the Devil.

As Donnie drove down the town's tree lined main road, Vampa spoke magic words, "Beelzebub".  A two-hundred-year-old Oak tree fell on Donnie's Hummer, crushing him to death.

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