Thursday, October 1, 2015

#microstory "What Donnie Sees"

"Donnie" (his real name didn't matter) saw himself as an epic hero, who wandered though out the Internet and vanquished foes.  No modern day Odysseus, he nevertheless felt kinship with the epic hero.  Of course, Donnie had never read the Odyssey.

One day Donnie decided to leave his house.  He swiped his hand across his bed where he spent most of his time knocking the cheese doodles and gun magazines to the floor.

He hadn't been outside in a few days so he squinted at the light.  Then he heard a crack and felt his head hit the ground.  A rotten tree he failed to tend to had fallen and pinned him to the ground.

"Help me," bellowed Donnie.The parable from Sunday School came to him, "Why don't you remove the spec from your eye first?  Then you can remove the spec from someone else's eye."   "Help me!"  But Donnie lived way out in the country so no one was there to help him.     Life can be like that some time.

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