Friday, October 9, 2015

#flashfiction "Laboring for the anonymous"

The cold wind came early this year in Moravia.

Stan Hogan began to resent Hank Hogan aka "Donnie."  Donnie was the reason Stan had to beg for food and get spit on outside of the Hop-Hop station on Moravia Avenue.  The cold wind bit harder than in previous years because he was outside all the time now.

But Stan wasn't like other homeless people, many of whom couldn't help their predicament, and were quite sympathetic people.

"What are you doing at my computer?" said a man from behind Stan.

Stan turned around, and he saw a man he remembered.  Stan had gotten drunk one night and thrown trash at the man while he was begging.  Times had changed.

"I remember you," said the man.  "You…" The man's hand quivered, and his nicotine stain beard opened up to reveal nubs for teeth.  "I was so upset after you dumped your garbage on me that I started smoking meth, and now look at my teeth!"

"Not my fault," said Stan.

The man punched Stan in the face, knocking him to the floor.  Out cold.

The police officer saw the whole thing, but he remembered Stan and what a jerk he was.  So he helped the homeless man carry Stan outside where they dumped him on the front lawn.  Later another police officer came along and arrested Stan for sleeping in public.

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