Saturday, October 31, 2015

#Halloween fright

The sign gets bigger.

Friday, October 30, 2015

#microstory "Bow ties"

He wore bow ties everyday.  One day a homeless man asked him for money.  He said, "Get a job."  

"Next time you take the bow tie off, your head will follow off too."

He laughed.

That night he paused before he took off his bow tie.  Surely it won't fall off, he thought.  He was wrong.

#microstory "Personal growth"

Getting fat isn't personal growth, he thought.  But it was contagious.  He heard the shrews laugh as he reconsidered his choice.  

#micropoetry "Slugs don't go far"

Slugs don't go far
if they can avoid it.
They get as close
as possible to their
Then they roll
on their slime to it.
And back.
But the always expend
the least amount of
effort possible.
And they leave their
slime for us to step in.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

#micropoetry "Running in the dark"

Running in the dark 
makes the branches 
grow hands 
and reach for me.
But I run past.
Better to be spry 
and fleet of foot.
Than to be weighed down 
by years of bulk and circumstances 
and unknowing.

#micropoetry "Weeds grow up"

Weeds grown up 
in the strangest places.
They don't need light 
at first.
But when they finally see 
light their ugliness 
can't hide.
Light exposes many things
not all of them worth seeing.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

#flashfiction "Catnap"

Rex woke up to a police officer tapping on his window.  He glanced at the clock, and it read 4:00 a.m.  "You been drinking sir?"

"Just a few beers."

"Get out of the car son."

The officer charged him with a DWI.  He was drunk and behind the wheel even though the car was off and resting in a closed Piggly Wiggly parking lot.

Rex gave an interview the next day, and he said, "God will get us through this."

The kitchen phone rang, and Rex jumped.  Was someone going to tell his wife the truth?  God couldn't shade the truth.

#Starbucks local courtesy

Those friendly, giant SUVs.

#TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #TMNT

#SouthernBastards is superb

Read it.  Classic struggle.

Friday, October 23, 2015

#microstory "Breathe on me o breath of God"

Delbert drove a Neon with a 2x4 sign on it.  It read, "God Rescues Us".

One day the wind caught the sign as Delbert drove down the highway causing the car to tip over into a creek.

#Luke SkyWalker is #KyloRen? #ForceAwakens

White to Sith attire.

#Streetlegal ? #Westboro ?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#BacktotheFutureDay is here

We are in the "future" mentioned in the movie thirty years ago.  Some things have happened, and some things haven't.  Science fiction is overly futuristic at times, but it does get some things right.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

#microstory "The crumbling"

Ronnie trudged along the running trail.  It felt good.  The light faded to dusk.

He felt his legs give way as the trail crumbled under his feet.  Erosion.

He lay pinned under the rubble in the cold water.  It was supposed to dip below freezing that night.  Ronnie was single, and no one would be looking for him.

"Help," he yelled to no avail.

A copperhead slithered towards him to take advantage of his diminishing body heat.

Unsafe...possible #liability

Be carful.  Copperheads.  Possible collapsing trail with possible coal ash water?

#microstory "When you run out of space, it is over"

He didn't know if he believed the man when he bought the moleskine notebook from him.  "When you run out of space, it is over."

"What do you mean?" he said.

"Just what I said."

He came to the last page of the notebook a few months later.  Two lines left.  One line...

#micropoetry "Silence is more articulate"

Words are such filler.
We speak them
when we don't know what to say.
It is better to be quiet.
Because silence is
often more articulate
than the words we speak.

#poetry from Stanza IV from Coming of Age by Ursula Leguin

I wish we could wash away the bigots in this state. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

#90dayfiance is taken straight from immigration code related to #K1visa

These people are really weird.  One guy is 40 years older than his fiancĂ©.  The cases I've handled have involved more stable people, and the couples usually do fine relationshipwise.  The key is they must marry in 90 days from the date of entry.

Enjoying #theSandman by #NeilGaiman

Great read.

#Chewbacca no 1 #StarWars

Interesting story between Episides IV and V.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

#microstory "The Star Spangled Headband"

"He just loved his country so much," said Mickey's wife.  She stared down at his bearded face and long hair remembering him as skinny and clean shaven.  Not anymore.

Mickey had gained almost fifty pounds over the past two years.  His hair had gotten longer, his views more extreme and his drinking heavier, yet he became more conservative.  Mickey merged religion and patriotism so that they were indistinguishable.

Mickey had been at a pro baseball game for the local team.  At a key point in the game, "Proud to be an American" by Lee Greenwood blared over the loudspeaker.  Mickey stood up moved by jingoistic fervor.  He pumped his fists into the air and bellowed a rebel yell over and over, tears streaming down his face.  The jumbotron picked him up, and the crowd cheered even more.

Then Mickey had a heart attack.  The beer, his weight and the Viagra triggered it.  Forty with the body of an unhealthy sixty-year-old.

With life uncertain, his wife said to the family, "He loved God and his country so much, and that's enough for now."

Friday, October 16, 2015

#microstory "Anonymous commenter calls killing of copperhead murder"

"You killing that snake is murder because you were thinking of a person," said the anonymous blog commenter.

He laughed.  Then he thought, This guy is a loser.

"You belong in an insane asylum," he replied.  Then he waited for the amusing reply.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

#microstory "I killed the copperhead"

I saw the man crawl out of the sewer clothed in a Confederate flag suit this time.

"Even more of a metaphor," I said.

"Sssssccccrewwww youuuuu," he hissed.  Then he transmogrified into a copperhead again.

This time I was ready though.  I grabbed a hoe I saw sitting by a tree, and I chopped his head off.  All I did was kill a snake, right?

#micropoetry "Endless Days"

Day morphs into
something that isn't
day or night.
Time distorted and
bent until
it is abstract.
And fluid.
And devoid of
meaning we
ascribe to it.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

#flashfiction "Late" #ghoststory

He returned a call for a client, and someone picked up.  It wasn't the person usually associated with that number.

"You shouldn't have done that," said the voice.  Click.

He left the office.  As he walked across the parking lot, he saw two lights approaching.  He didn't have time to get out of the way.


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

#ghoststory "Man then snake"

While running I saw a man crawl out of a sewer wearing Confederate flag shorts and a t-shirt.

"Are you trying to live a metaphor?"

"You joke about such things!"

Then he morphed into a copperhead and slithered off.

I suppose that's why people are seeing more copperheads these days.


Because he's the best candidate.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

#crimsonguard #stormtrooper #starwars

#micropoetry "Slide"

If you can't dance
you stay seated.
But that doesn't mean 
you can't be a weasel.
You can be inert and 
do that.
Sliding through 
the soup 
but not because you are moving.

Friday, October 9, 2015

#haiku "Just Walk Away Renee"

Reborn after sixty years 
In a different form 

#AdmiralAckbar for president #starwars

#flashfiction "Laboring for the anonymous"

The cold wind came early this year in Moravia.

Stan Hogan began to resent Hank Hogan aka "Donnie."  Donnie was the reason Stan had to beg for food and get spit on outside of the Hop-Hop station on Moravia Avenue.  The cold wind bit harder than in previous years because he was outside all the time now.

But Stan wasn't like other homeless people, many of whom couldn't help their predicament, and were quite sympathetic people.

"What are you doing at my computer?" said a man from behind Stan.

Stan turned around, and he saw a man he remembered.  Stan had gotten drunk one night and thrown trash at the man while he was begging.  Times had changed.

"I remember you," said the man.  "You…" The man's hand quivered, and his nicotine stain beard opened up to reveal nubs for teeth.  "I was so upset after you dumped your garbage on me that I started smoking meth, and now look at my teeth!"

"Not my fault," said Stan.

The man punched Stan in the face, knocking him to the floor.  Out cold.

The police officer saw the whole thing, but he remembered Stan and what a jerk he was.  So he helped the homeless man carry Stan outside where they dumped him on the front lawn.  Later another police officer came along and arrested Stan for sleeping in public.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#microstory "Writing the future"

"I can't quit writing these things," Dave said.  They are too moribund because they hurt people, he thought..    Then he cried out, "My pen is physically harming people."

Dave believed what he wrote came to pass even though any sensible person would say it was a coincidence or a series of coincidences.  But he didn't believe in coincidence.

What did you do when the rational world broke down?  Things that didn't make sense happened everyday.  But why then did he keep writing?  Why did he continue in Vishnu's role?

Ronnie, who commented under the pseudonym in honor of a deceased commenter (whose name had been Donnie) went to the police with his list of crimes.

The police laughed at him and sent him on his way.

#microstory "Words deplete 'Donnie's' estate"

Hank Hogan aka "Donnie" trolled in obscurity for years, but he finally got caught.  He died soon after, but the lawsuit didn't.

Stan Hogan acted as executor of the estate, and the sheriff served him with the complaint, alleging causes of action (the same ones in the prior lawsuit against Donnie) against "Donnie's" estate.

"I ain't acting on this," said Stan.  "You can't sue no dead man."  Stan didn't believe in taking legal advice from lawyers.  He and his deceased brother were of the same mind on that point.

Plaintiff got a $250,000 default judgment against Hank Hogan's estate.  The only asset was the $80,000 house lived in by Stan Hogan.  Plaintiff evicted Stan Hogan, and he was now homeless.

Stan spent his days begging on Moravia Avenue near the Hop-Hop Station or on the Internet  at the library trolling people's blogs, who wrote better than he did.  Quite a tribute to "Donnie," who lived on as the negative energy he started flowed through Stan out into the world.


Monday, October 5, 2015

#North40...a bad omen

For those of us who travel on I-40.

#microstory "Donnie gets to the pearly gates"

"You consorted with the Devil, and you posted anonymously on the web," said Saint Peter to Donnie.

"But all sins are forgivable, aren't they?"

Saint Peter thought.  "Not in your case.  Cowardice goeth before a fall."  Saint Peter cast Donnie into Hell.

"Tell Luigi Vampa I said hello."

Saturday, October 3, 2015

#microstory "I don't know you"

"You shouldn't have said that about me!"

He stared at the squirrelly man.  "Who are you? I don't know you."

"I'm one of the commenters."

He laughed.  "Yeah, you look about like what expected except uglier."

Abstract #DarthVader #StarWars

#FightClub2 house?

Friday, October 2, 2015

#microstory "Words aren't just words especially when they are magic"

"I really need a cheeseburger," said 'Donnie'.  He was tired of being in the bed with a broken leg.  And he had gotten better at using his crutches.

"What are you doing?" said Luigi Vampa.

"I'm going to get food."

"No you aren't."  Donnie pushed past Vampa.  Then Donnie hopped in his Hummer and drove off.

Horns grew on Luigi Vampa's head, and his skin turned red kind of like Hellboy and the Devil.

As Donnie drove down the town's tree lined main road, Vampa spoke magic words, "Beelzebub".  A two-hundred-year-old Oak tree fell on Donnie's Hummer, crushing him to death.

#haiku "Hurricane Joaquin" #hurricanejoaquin

Hurricane Joaquin
Coming soon with lots of rain

New #Twitter bio--to reflect my publishing history

#microstory "Donnie gets a visit"

"I have a proposition for you," said a voice in the darkness.

"Donnie," as he wanted to be called, laid in bed all day recuperating from the branch that snapped his femur.  Lying in the bed was what he usually did anyway, but now it was with more pain.  And his real identity merged with his fictional persona, "Donnie," some months ago.  So he preferred to live on the web. In spite of his break from reality, the voice scared him.

"Yes..." Donnie said.

"My name is Luigi Vampa, and I am here to help you."

"I don't know any Luigi Vampas," said Donnie.

"I go by many other names, but you should be familiar with me."  This sounded good to Donnie.

What would the price be?


Thursday, October 1, 2015

#UCCShooting is tragic

Again, more people dead.  10 people dead.  10 too many.  What will it take before we do something about gun violence?  People are able to hide in anonymity (anonymous Internet trolls)  until they emerge from their rat's nests and kill people.  Something needs to change.


#microstory "What Donnie Sees"

"Donnie" (his real name didn't matter) saw himself as an epic hero, who wandered though out the Internet and vanquished foes.  No modern day Odysseus, he nevertheless felt kinship with the epic hero.  Of course, Donnie had never read the Odyssey.

One day Donnie decided to leave his house.  He swiped his hand across his bed where he spent most of his time knocking the cheese doodles and gun magazines to the floor.

He hadn't been outside in a few days so he squinted at the light.  Then he heard a crack and felt his head hit the ground.  A rotten tree he failed to tend to had fallen and pinned him to the ground.

"Help me," bellowed Donnie.The parable from Sunday School came to him, "Why don't you remove the spec from your eye first?  Then you can remove the spec from someone else's eye."   "Help me!"  But Donnie lived way out in the country so no one was there to help him.     Life can be like that some time.