Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#microstory "Words aren't just words"

"Donnie" never used his real name when he commented on blogs and websites.  He had his reasons, but the main reason was fear.  Sometimes saying the wrong thing could be legally actionable.  If you you said the wrong thing to a wired and ready person, then the consequences could be dire.

Better to labor under the protective shroud of anonymity, thought Donnie (incorrectly).

One day the a sheriff's deputy showed up at "Donnie's" house and slapped him with a lawsuit.

"No such things as anonymous comments, 'Donnie.'"


  1. Very interesting story you have here! Luckily for me, expressions of opinion are not libelous. I'm sure you knew that, since you're a lawyer and a Super Lawyer, but I thought it was worth noting.

  2. In all seriousness though, this post is obviously about me. You lambast me and other commenters for remaining anonymous, but you use the term Fiction to do the same thing. You can say whatever you want and make whatever threats you want, but whenever someone confronts you, you just run and hide, calling your work fiction.

    Why not be bold and use my real name. Write a non-fiction post that says 'there's a troll on my blog named Ronnie' instead of being a coward and calling me Donnie.

  3. Ronnie, you have a fan club :)

  4. "Ronnie," it isn't about you. And you use an alias so whose the coward? I used Donald in a short story I published earlier this month, so I like that name. And you aren't being threatened because it isn't about you. Jesus...lol.