Wednesday, September 30, 2015

#microstory "Litigation has its vagaries" (part 1)

"Donnie" aka Henry Hogan didn't understand how he had been discovered.  I thought I was anonymous, he thought.  Henry's understanding of the Internet was somewhat rudimentary, however, for he failed to recognize no one is ever anonymous.

William McAngus agreed to represent Henry for an initial retainer of $10,000.00.  "It won't be cheap, but you created a record, Henry, and those words are difficult to overcome."

"Yeah, but I was just joking."

"Doesn't matter.  Man you insulted was in the advertising business.  He can directly trace his drop in business to your words.  You words cost him $250,000 in sales."

Henry's stomach went into his cheap dress shoes.  His J.C. Penny shirt felt tight around his neck.  So did his Gant tie.  "What will we do then?"  The bald patch on the back of his head felt hot, and his thick glasses fogged up with nervous sweat. 

"Retain an expert for $5,000.00 and crap all over his numbers.  Hopefully we can get him down to $80,000.00 or so paid out over 3-4 years."

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