Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"Pastel Poison"

Each of you is the same
Even though you all have different names

Self-absorbed and smug for no reason
You are a jerk no matter what the season

All of your clothes are cut from the same cloth
Similar people are drawn to you like a moth
Your putrid plaids and poisonous pastels explode
But your emptiness will eventually cause you to implode

Your vapid venality shields you from reality
Because your problems and worries all have finality
Michael Brown and Tryvon Marton don’t register in your dull brain
And you think all of the coverage and outrage are insane
They were just thugs
Who deserved to be squashed like bugs

“Why should I care?” you ask
Then you go back to your pointless task

You’ve never been on your own
Facing death on the steps of your home.
Andyou grew up safe, shielded and “right”
Bathed in white privilege’s eternal light

So wear your Vineyard Vines without a thought
Pay no attention to the problems society (and you) wrought
Be strangled by the weeds of your banality
Continue to turn your backs on the reality you still can’t see

Apathy fused with hostility affects us all
It seeps into our collective consciousness and erects higher walls
On the other sides of those walls others suffer
On your safe side you remained buffered

Ignoring others won’t make the problems dissipate
Inaction and indifference will not ameliorate
In fact they all fester and plunge us into the abyss
At that time all will remain amiss

You can continue on your worn, narrow, preordained path

But don’t stare cockeyed at me when you incur my wrath.

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