Saturday, February 28, 2015

#RIPLeonardNimoy an interesting guy

I am not a huge Star Trek fan, although I've seen many of the episodes.  Likewise, I have watched a number of the movies.  I'm much more of a Star Wars guy.  Leonard Nimony's death (forever "Dr. Spock" to many) was sad.  Even though he died at 83 after a long, successful life, the world lost an interesting person.  A classically trained actor, Nimoy appeared in many TV shows and plays.  He directed several movies.  He was a great photographer, and he wrote poetry--good poetry.

Many of us like to believe we are searching for "truth," and I've found that elusive truth comes in many forms.  It seems Nimoy found his "truth" in expressing himself and leaving things of value.  The world benefitted from his work and his artistic expression.  We all benefit from hearing what people have to say, and  losing an intelligent and perceptive person means our world is more drab as a result.

I search for "truth" in my own way.  For me it comes from the love of my fiancé, Jillian, who helps me be who I really am and allows me to express myself.  This makes me happy and is my "truth," and I think it helps me produce things of value whether it be through my career, how I treat people or creative endeavors.

I will continue to pursue my "truth," but I am still sad to see Leonard Nimoy go.  The death of a true artist should make us all pause, reflect and consider our place in the universe (or in one of Dr. Spock's multiple universes as his USS Enterprise sails into the afterlife).

RIP Leonard Nimoy.  You enriched the world around you.  The world lost when you died.

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