Saturday, December 6, 2014

This is how business is done

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  1. That's a pretty loaded statement... and, perhaps, one that their CEO never specifically said. Even if he did say it, just as with statistics and politics, there are differing ways to slice most any issue.

    I assume you believe it's good and proper for companies to make a profit. I'm also guessing you believe the pay of CEOs and other corporate execs are far too high, compared with the company's rank and file. If I'm wrong,
    please clarify.

    So, if Costco is supposedly making record profits (regardless of "how" they arrive at those profits), then wouldn't you advocate for them to pay the rank and file folks more $$$?

    The reality is that while Walmart and Costco both sell product to consumers, they are vastly different in several areas. But even if they were both selling the same products to the same consumers in the same geographic areas and had the same caliber of employee... do you believe it's the government's role to tell a corporation what it must pay its employees at a minimum? If so, what dictates a specific hourly number?..