Tuesday, December 23, 2014

#JamesWoods stupidly blames #AlSharpton for the shootings of two #NYPD officers

James Woods is a crazed bum, and he has gone too far this time.  While he may not agree with protesting the slayings of Eric Garner and Michael Brown, he has no right to blame Al Sharpton for the tragic deaths of the two police officers.  Ismaaiyl Brinsley had a long criminal record and a long history of mental health issues, and Al Sharpton is hardly responsible for this.


  1. I agree with you that an individual is accountable and responsible for his actions. Not Sharpton - nor the illegal gun Brinsley used - is responsible. Would you agree with all of that?

    Now, if you care to play, what's your take on this:
    When a white guy, particularly one from the south or mid west, commits a crime against a minority and/or a government-related person... and the media tries to tie that into Tea Party, talk radio, Limbaugh, KKK, religious cults, etc... are you as quick to make the distinction that, no, this is a deranged and evil dude? Or, do you make the linkage - and assign at least partial responsibility, to those who you perceive as fomenting hate and discord/violence?

  2. Can... or does... cut both ways?..

  3. I suspect you can't / won't answer that, since there needs to be an enemy... Limbaugh, Koch Brothers, Big Oil, Bush, racists, Talk Radio... to pillory. Saying it "can" cut both ways leaves a big ol' gap in there where you can continue to justify. I'm not buying it.