Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chicago sports writer, Dan Bernstein, accuses Derrick Rose of not knowing what he is saying #ICantBreathe

How does he know Rose doesn't know what he is saying?  There is an undertone I don't like here.  I applaud Rose's guts.


  1. You, me, Rose and others all have the First Amendment right to voice our views. Now, what happens when we voice them...

    The NBA (like other major sports leagues) has a public image to preserve. One of the problems with the NBA back in the 1970's (until the "clean" Bird and Magic tandem appeared in 1979) was that the NBA was perceived as a bunch of black thug druggies. They weren't "corporate, mainstream" enough to even have their playoffs aired on national TV (except for the finals)... attendance was in the tank, despite two leagues in operation, the NBA and ABA.
    Image is important and whether it's the NFL with domestic violence or other issues, when you have the Rams doing their thing or Rose/Reggie Bush doing their thing... it creates issues for those who might otherwise simply want to enjoy the league. If I'm the commish in either league, I want to clamp down on athletes making a spectacle of themselves while on the court/on the field.