Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wells Liipfert Social Security disability seminar, Tuesday, November 18th, from 2-3PM at Reynolda Manor Library

I will be there to answer whatever questions you have regarding Social Security disability.  The seminar will last about an hour.  During the seminar I will discuss the following topics:
  • What is Social Security disability?
  • How is Social Security disability defined?
  • What are the qualifications?
  • What is the process like?
  • If you do receive disability, when do you receive it and for how long?
I hope to see you there.


  1. My aunt wants to file for social security disability, but she's a little nervous about the process. She has a lot of questions about everything and she's thinking about hiring a social security disability attorney to help her. I'll have to tell her about this seminar. I'm sure it will answer a lot of her questions.

    Susan Hirst | http://www.disabilityattorneystpetersburg.com/SS-Disability-Claims.html

  2. Lots of people are nervous. She can certainly contact me at (336) 793-4364 or e-mail me at Michael@wellsliipfert.com if she has questions.