Friday, November 21, 2014

Is Bill Cosby legally at risk?

Lots of allegations are swirling around about Bill Cosby.  It is disappointing to say the least, but life disappoints you.  People sometimes are not what they appear.  As a lawyer, I look for the legal angle as many things are legal--often legal and political.  From what I understand most of these alleged incidents occurred outside of the statutory period, and this likely means they are time barred by the statute of limitations.  Cosby and his lawyers are smart to say NOTHING. Criminal liability, however, is another issue because some states do not have statutes of limitations for felonies.  Depending upon the state where the alleged criminal act(s) took place, there could be criminal liability.


  1. How do you feel about High Point University dropping him from its board? Or about numerous venues cancelling his shows? Or about networks refusing to air his past TV programs?

    For those who are now "anti-Cosby" I wonder how they feel about Bill Clinton. How do you come down on those two males with these issues?..

  2. Or, do you give a pass to Cosby? Why? Due to his race, out of white guilt for not wanting to be labeled a racist? Forget the statute of limitations for a moment. Whether something's occurred one day - or a generation ago - from the "court of public opinion" standpoint, can you remain consistent? Granted, the Cosby accusers are farther in the past, but with Clinton, they were pretty current..

  3. If true, he should get no pass. Bill Clinton's women were willing. And he never should have been impeached

  4. Bill Clinton showed a lack of moral character, which had nothing to do with his impeachment. He lied..

  5. Truth/lies haven't been established in court Cosby's situation. That said, accusations abound. If you were in charge of High Point Univ, would you have dropped him? Would you have cancelled his shows?

    As for Clinton's women being "willing" - how do you define "unwilling?" Neither Clinton, nor Cosby, nor countless other sexual encounters occur due to a distinct and present threat of physical violence. Is it possible a woman feels such pressure from a powerful person that she goes along with things... and because she did, that that makes everything ok?

    Is that your threshold for willing/unwillin? In more than one instance there was a very high degree of "pressure" applied, not to mention the whole sexual harassment issue. Clinton used his power - his sense of entitlement - as so many powerful politicians/performers/athletes do... to force himself on people and on situations where other, less "entitled," people would not go..