Saturday, August 30, 2014

I'm handling initial Social Security disability claims

Many lawyers don't do this because it is a lot of paperwork.  If it results in victory sooner for the claimant, however, then it is worth it.  This is why I decided to take initial SSD claims.  Fortunately this has resulted in a large volume of cases coming my way recently.

The process for taking initial claims is a little different in that you make sure you have the medical records before applying; then you write a medical summary and argument to attach with the filing.  The strongest cases often win initially, and they are greatly aided by a persuasively written memo.  Experienced lawyers can aid this process--not ones who've only handled a hearing or two.

Because this is such a lucrative area many lawyers who have little or no experience are jumping on the bandwagon.  It is important to get the best representation, not just some representation.

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