Sunday, August 31, 2014

History is actually fiction

Everything is because facts are written by the victors or so I've determined.

The people need to get back the power

London has it right.

London's Victoria and Albert Museum nails it

Lots of truth in this banner.

Nailing things to the door

Trains in Dublin show the advantages of public transportation

They are cheap, clean and efficient.  We need them in NC--along 40 and other major highways.

More truth from the Killer

I'm not sure if Labor Day would be created nowadays

Labor unions made Labor Day possible.  It is a day designed to celebrate the American working man.  Sadly unions are on the decline in this country, and that has led to unsafe working conditions, lower wages and employers refusing to give employees health care.  Unions are meant to protect workers against ruthless and greedy management.

North Carolina is a "right to work" state.  This is perhaps the most contradictory term ever conceived because it is a pro business stance at the expense of the worker.  It means the business can fire you for almost any reason or they can keep you and screw you over the whole time.

I hope our state's regression will stop, but I don't see things changing anytime soon.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Alternative careers for lawyers from the graphic novel, "The Killer"

Excellent read.

I'm handling initial Social Security disability claims

Many lawyers don't do this because it is a lot of paperwork.  If it results in victory sooner for the claimant, however, then it is worth it.  This is why I decided to take initial SSD claims.  Fortunately this has resulted in a large volume of cases coming my way recently.

The process for taking initial claims is a little different in that you make sure you have the medical records before applying; then you write a medical summary and argument to attach with the filing.  The strongest cases often win initially, and they are greatly aided by a persuasively written memo.  Experienced lawyers can aid this process--not ones who've only handled a hearing or two.

Because this is such a lucrative area many lawyers who have little or no experience are jumping on the bandwagon.  It is important to get the best representation, not just some representation.

Can do (sort of), can't do and can't do in an airport

I agree with the second two.  I saw people breaking the third rule.  Quite conspicuously too.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Didn't think I was that old

I didn't like them for failing to support the Affordable Care Act.  Now I find them comical and inept.

Get my name right next time--it isn't hard

You would think a lawyer would get the correct name, but clearly not here. 

New business card with social media info

Glad to know some firms value social media.  Some wouldn't know a tweet if it hit them in the head.  These are people who think a text and an e-mail are the same thing.  Those of you who think that aren't reading this because you don't know what a blog is. 

Greensboro has 900 homeless

Winston-Salem is just as bad.  North Carolina is awful when it comes to homelessness.  That's what happens when you don't take Medicaid money for 500,000 people and slash services in favor of corporations.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My work for the night

After the day I've had, Dickens was right, "The law is an ass."  People can be too.

Bridging the gap in a Social Security disability case

Sometimes the evidence isn't exactly what you need in a SSD case, but, if you understand the issues, then you can create the necessary inference.  For example, my client's date last insured was 2009.  Medical evidence proving disability due to osteoarthritis was present in 2010, 10 months past the date last insured.  However, there was a 2009 note referencing a cortisone injection in the left knee.  Given the claimant's knee problems in 2010, the single record in 2009 was enough to support the inference of osteoarthritis in 2009 therefore proving disability.  Someone who only knows how to read medical records wouldn't see this--it takes an experienced SSD attorney.

Levitating Yoda in London

May the force be with you. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Original 1225 revision of 1215 Magna Carta

I saw this in the British Library.  This is a postcard as I wasn't allowed to take pictures.  This copy was the one drafted and codified into a statute and good law. Henry III was king at the time.  The Brits don't revere the Magna Carta like we do. I know why that is.

English coverage of Michael Brown murder

Where's the cops "head injury"?

Progress and the truth

Surveillance cameras everywhere in Europe

There are cameras everywhere in Europe.  Not sure who, if anyone, watches the footage.  Cameras don't bother me.  I expect to be seen when in public.  My expectation of privacy goes way down.