Monday, June 2, 2014

VA backlogs are nothing new

If you've had any experience with the VA, then you know backlogs are a way of life.  The problem is there are hundreds of thousands of veterans out there, and Congress refuses to provide adequate funding for the VA.  Sadly those members of Congress who are crying the loudest now about the embattled former VA secretary sit on the VA committee.  They knew or should have known the problems, and they did nothing.  And why did they do nothing?  They were busy sending men and women to war thus making their defense contractor donors rich.  When the time came around to give money to the VA, they opted to give tax cuts and credits to their rich, big business donors.  Why didn't a certain Senator from Arizona know what was happening at the Phoenix VA hospital in question?  He's on the Senate VA committee.  Kind of makes you wonder.

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