Wednesday, June 4, 2014

NCBA Young Lawyers Division to help out with the Innocence Project

I will be YLD Chair starting in late June.  I want my project to be assisting the Innocence Project.  The YLD is going to help out with the Innocence Project.  The particulars have not yet been determined, but we are going to screen for possible cases.  It is likely we will be working with Duke University School of Law.

North Carolina and other states have hundreds if not thousands of innocent people wrongfully imprisoned each year.  Some of them are on death row.  Many of them go because of bad police work, racial profiling, overzealous prosecutors, bad juries, bad lawyering, racism or a combination of all of those things.  Anyone who believes in justice or in the ideals this country was founded upon should support freeing the innocent when there is evidence to support their innocence.  If you don't, you are un-American. 

I want to find that evidence and help free those who are innocent. 

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