Tuesday, May 6, 2014

In certain parts of Forsyth County polling places are inconvenient because of the Board of Elections

As I trekked on my five mile drive today to vote in Lewisville I listened to Paris: the Novel by Edward Rutherford and pondered the Parisi tribe.  I considered how regressive it is that I have to drive several miles to a polling place at a church that looks like it could have been in the battle of Shiloh instead of bearing its name.

Early voting went from April 24-May 3.  During the week it went from 8-5, not exactly convenient if you work a real job or take public transportation.  Early voting locations were Kernersville Senior Center, Lewisville Library and Rural Hall Library.  Not to be outdone was the Forsyth County Government Center, which offered early voting from 8-5.  How nice, how generous.  I almost forgot; they were nice enough to let people vote on Saturday, May 3rd from 10-1.  So much time.  God they are nice.

Isn't our Board of Elections grand?

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