Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fort Hood slayings demonstrate PTSD is not adequately treated, and there are serious problems with the military's treatment of its soliders

Ivan Lopez's shooting rampage is the second at Fort Hood, Texas in the past five years.  Lopez was an Iraqi war veteran who suffered from what appeared to be PTSD.  He was taking medication.  The army knew he was a problem, yet three people are dead.  16 are injured.

How did this happen?

First, we treat our military personnel horribly because we started a pointless war in Iraq in 2003.  We sent soldiers back again and again.  May came back broken.

Second, VA disability benefits take forever to obtain, and they are often paltry sums.  Likewise, the treatment provided is less than stellar.

Third, mentally ill people shouldn't have access to guns.  I don't care if the guy was on a military base.  These events were foreseeable as they've happened before and will continue to happen.  The military DID NOT take away his access to guns.

Fourth, the military needs to consider whom they enlist.  They can't take everyone who applies so to speak.  Clearly they have some people who are suffering from mental health issues to begin with, issues which become more acute through their service.

What's the solution: less war, more VA disability benefits and less access to guns.  If you argue more guns are the answer, you are an idiot and clearly don't grasp the complexity of this problem nor are you sensitive to mental health issues.

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