Tuesday, March 4, 2014

When you have a court date, don't miss it

I can't believe the excuses people come up when they don't want to go to court.  "Call the judge and tell him I can't make it" is one--that's not really an excuse.  This is idiotic because why would a litigant presume you can miss court because you "can't make it"?  It is preposterous, and a judge won't take your case seriously; this presumes they are lenient and won't outright dismiss your case.

The overarching excuse for everything lately is the weather.  Yesterday's weather event wasn't bad at all.  There was no reason for people to miss work or school, but I am convinced people will use the weather as an excuse because they don't want to come to work or go to school.  Safety has nothing to do with it.

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