Monday, March 17, 2014

Lawyers tend to stink at marketing (but they think they are great at it)

Lawyers tend to stink at marketing, yet they think they are great at it.  I've determined there are two ways to bring in clients: 1) be good at what you do and 2) get yourself out there.  These are vague notions, but they are often over looked and over simplified.  Lawyers either believe marketing is easy or they believe there is nothing they can do.  That odd, diametrically opposed dichotomy has always puzzled me.

Being good at what you do is essential.  Clients deserve it, and you owe it to yourself.  Clients talk.  If they are happy, they will refer business to you.  If they are unhappy, they will crap all over you.  And that crap will bury you.

Get yourself out there.  Speak to civic groups.  Do free seminars.  Write articles.  Write a blog.  Tweet.  Go on the radio.  If you are telegenic and have contacts, go on news stations.  News stations are always looking to fill time, but you need to be good at it.  The key is to speak clearly, succinctly and conversationally.  Look at the person talking to you not to the camera.

Quite frankly, going to a few business events won't bring in clients.  You have to work at it methodically.  Be good at what you do, and work hard to get yourself out there.  Over time you will see the benefits.  I certainly have.

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