Monday, January 27, 2014

Bashing Wendy Davis isn't protected speech

Bashing State Senator Wendy Davis isn't protected speech.  @Todd__Kincannon and other goons have called Davis all sorts of awful names, and they've also suggested Davis performed sex acts while at Harvard all of which is NOT true.  This is NOT protected speech.  In North Carolina, they would be liable for libel per quod because they made a defamatory false statement about a woman's chastity.  There are many other actionable statements, but this is the quickest way to win.

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  1. Maybe if the author kisses Davis butt enough she'll send him to Harvard where he can acquire a law degree so he actually knows what he is writing about.

  2. Allegations don't make it true you idiot. Perhaps you should read some cases and learn something. Likewise, you should say who you are and quit hiding your identity. And I am proud I went to UVA undergrad and Wake Forest for law school. Maybe you should try getting a college degree first.