Wednesday, May 16, 2012

John Edwards defense rests

The defense made the right decision in not calling John Edwards or Rielle Hunter. Neither of them would have added to the defense and could only have hurt the case. Arguably Edwards' mastery of the courtroom would have helped him, but lawyers make awful witnesses. Likewise, being a lawyer and a witness are two very different things. And the jury probably wouldn't have believed him.

It is hard to say what's really going on in the trial because I haven't been able to watch it.

I think Edwards will be acquitted. If he is convicted, Judge Eagles' decision not to let the FEC witness testify will create an appealable issue. This could go to the Supreme Court.


  1. Michael,
    Can he be convicted on lesser charges or is it just a single charge. I think if there is a lesser charge. While not legally sound, I think the jury might like to teach him a lesson or give him some consequence for his behavior. From what I have heard in testimony, he appeared almost delusional when asking to be appointed attorney general.

  2. Michael... here is what I have been wondering. What about Andrew Young? I mean... he really doesn't sound all that innocent to me. He admitted that a "large portion" of the Bunny Money went to build his million dollar dream home in Chapel Hill????? How does he avoid prosecution. Did he strike a deal? Does he get to kepp the house?

    Also... not to hijack your thread... but the Huguely Trial in Virginia. I know the actual trial is over and he is awaiting sentencing... but this week they put all of the evidence on display in the courthouse and let the public see his videotaped confession. Is that normal? I never remember hearing anything like that. There were some pretty graphic pictures of the crime scene too from what I have read. Just thought you might know... I know you made some earlier posts about the trial and the crime itself.