Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Surry County Commissioners exhibit further ignorance

The Surry County Commissioners passed a resolution supporting the proposed marriage amendment. Commissioner Paul Johnson said he didn't think this resolution would keep businesses from moving to Mt. Airy, and businesses would rathe deal with people who have "moral fiber." I guess ignorant people like him are more moral than gay people. That's logical.

I don't want to hear people whine about unemployment if the amendment passes, and the state loses jobs because of it. These same people will probably blame the Mexicans though.

Commissioner Johnson, you are an embarrassment.


  1. Agreed. I can not understand people supporting this and throwing the Bible back at me. I am a Christian and I was MOST happy when my church (one of the oldest in Winston-Salem) held a forum on Ammendment One and came out against it.

    People tend to throw that verse from Leviticus at me declaring homosexuality an abomination. I also pointed the OTHER verses in Leviticus that declare eating shrimp an abomination and mixing fabric as a sin. They ignore those.

    All I know is this. If God is filling the slow boat to Hell with homosexuals you'd better add a lot more seats. There are going to be plenty of seafood lovers and snappy dressers along for the ride.

  2. So true. Who are we to tell others how to live? We are all sinners.

  3. Agree with you both. Ultimately it is between the individual and God.

  4. I agree. Do you think the amendment will pass?

  5. All things come to pass with time. I remember when NC had no lottery, but ultimately the tide turns. I think this is similar to Moses and the 40 years in the desert. He had to wait out that generation and so I think it is likewise that no matter whether the Amendment passes or not - younger people have views that will see change.

  6. True. I don't object to differences of opinion. I don't agree with categorical statements such as gays are immoral. This is stupid and untrue. Also, categorical statements are impossible to prove and easy to rebut especially with subjective concepts like morality. I'm surprised I haven't been bashed on here yet. I hope I