Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Hunger still a problem in Winston-Salem

I had the pleasure of hearing Clyde Fitzgerald speak at my Rotary Club today. Clyde is director of the Second Harvest Food Bank. As always Clyde was a great speaker. He spoke about the hunger problem in our fair city. It is a major problem. If you don't think so, Google Second Harvest Food Bank and read their report.


  1. Nice of you to keep this in the forefront. It is a HUGE problem here. There is no excuse for anyone in this country going hungry. We waste far too much food. I worked in the restaurant industry for a time and it was apalling how much food we threw away. Sadly, we HAD to. Apparently there are too many restrictions on donating cooked food. Fear of contamination, lawsuits. Very sad. The company I work for now always has tons of food leftover after luncheons etc. We are forced to throw it all away.

    If you will indulge me, here are the few ways I have learned to help. They are very small and I am sure make only a dent in the hunger problem... but if everyone made a dent, we could make a huge difference.

    First, go through your pantry. Seriously. There is so much stuff in there you won't eat and don't need. Those packs of pasta you got because they were 2 for a dollar. The extra cans of beans you didn't really like but have so many because they were buy 2 get 3 free. Clean out your pantry and take it to a donation point. Luckily mine is my church where we collect food items every week.

    Second, clip coupons... use them... and donate the food. There are ALWAYS coupons for packaged pasta meals, soups, rices. I have found that if I use the coupon along with a sale I can buy these items (that I normally wouldn't buy) for about a penny. One grocery chain (I won't mention it so as not to endorse anyone) doubles coupons everyday. I recently found packaged pasta meals on sale 2 for $1.50. I had a .75 coupon that doubled. They basically handed me the 2 meals for free. I donated those.

    Small things I know... but if you are reading this on a computer or a smart phone... you can afford it.