Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Didn't Do Anything Part 1

Barry Walker took the city bus almost everywhere.  On Saturdays he liked to take the bus to the Jimmy John's near the Moravia Mall.  He ate lunch there, and he stayed for hours talking to people.  Most people didn't want to talk to Barry however.  He made them uncomfortable.

Barry stood about 5'8.  He was lean and muscular, and he would have had a nice smile if he hadn't been missing a canine tooth.  Barry lost the tooth in prison when a prisoner punched him in the mouth for no reason.  He had been serving time for felony B&E, and he got out after 5 years for good behavior.

Since Barry got out of prison, life had not been so good.  He couldn't get a job, and he would have been unable to keep a job even if he got one.  So he lived in a homeless..

Although he was friendly, Barry was a very angry person.  His anger was never far from the surface.

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