Tuesday, April 12, 2011

That Dude Looks Like a Muppet

No one would try to resemble a Muppet, at least not a normal person.  Jason Askew was not normal though.  He was an adult who never grew up so he started a comic book store.  And he knew way too much about comic books.

Jason started a comic book store with Bill Miller, and things went well at first.  Jason had knowledge of the comic book market and what people wanted.  He knew how to find obscure, yet affordable comics.  This helped increase traffic, and, ultimately, sales.  Bill ran the business end, and he did so with great skill.

The first few months were like a honeymoon, but all honeymoons end.  After a year, the business seemed more like a rocky marriage.

"Jason you are acting really weird man.  Not everyone wants to carry on a conversation in the Klingon language," Bill said to Jason.

"Comic book fans are weird, but they are weird in a good way."

"You are wrong.  Most comic book fans are normal people who have a childhood interest that has grown into an adult hobby.  But they don't live and breathe this shit like you do and speak in fictional languages."

Jason walked out of the room.  He never had been one for confrontation.

The next day Jason walked in with his hair combed up and frizzy.  His hair looked like the Muppet, Elmo's dad.  "What they hell happened to your hair?"

"Nothing happened to my hair.  I've got my driver's license picture today."

"And...your point is?"

"I want my picture to be memorable."

The picture was memorable.

A year later Jason and Bill were locked into a lawsuit over the future of the business.  Bill filed a lawsuit contending Jason had mismanaged the business.  The crux of his argument is Jason had gone off the deep end and scared away customers with his ridiculous antics.  In short, he had ruined the business.  Bill wanted him forced out.

The trial lasted a week, and Bill won.  The jury found Jason liable to Bill for mismanagement.  Bill talked to the jury after the trial, and one juror summed up the reasons for finding for Bill: "It was obvious Jason Askew didn't know what he was doing.  He was weird, and that driver's license picture summed it up.  None of us had ever seen such a silly looking person.  I mean that dude looks like a Muppet."


  1. NO WAY that could ever happen in real life! A Muppet!? I bet his voice was high pitched like a Muppet, too, huh? Get out, no way... no way...

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  3. Way. I know a dude who combed his hair so he would look like a Muppet for his driver's license picture. The rest of the story is fiction.