Sunday, April 24, 2011

Some Crooks Don't Call Stealing Stealing

Josh Thompson claimed he could fix anything.  "I can do more than any guy with a  truck and a tool box," he told his weekly television audience on his cable access television show.  He said the same thing on the radio, on Facebook and on Twitter.  And he said it so much that people believed it.

While Josh may have been a decent repair man/ contractor, he was a terrible business man.  His ego led him to believe he could do anything, and his bold claims got him a lot of jobs--too many jobs.  Before too long, he was overextended.

Davey White worked hard his whole life.  He saved his money, and he always shot straight with people.  He expected them to do the same.  So long as people were straight with him, he had no problem.

Davey liked to get up early on the weekends and drink Maxwell House coffee and watch CSPAN.  One Saturday he didn't like the topic on Washington Journal so he flipped through the channels.

He happened upon Josh Thompson.  "Don't trust your home to some guy in a pick up truck," said Thompson.  Davey thought that made a lot of sense.  He needed a new driveway, so on Monday he called Josh.

He got Josh's secretary and wife Joanna.  "Mr. White, it will be $250 for Josh to come out there.  If you hire him, the $250 will go to the job."  Davey thought that was fair.

Josh came out that Tuesday.  He pulled up in a brand new Dodge Ram truck with Thompson Home Repairs etched on the side.

"Hey there Mr. White.  I'm Josh Thompson.  Pretty house you got there.  I hear you want to fix your driveway."

"That's right."

"Job like this will be expensive.  I'd say $15,000, but I like you so I will do it for $9,000.00."

"That's kind of high."

"It's a big driveway, and I do good work.  Check out my website.  I've never had a BBB complaint."

"Well okay.  How much do I give you today?"

"I'd prefer the $9,000.00."

"Well...okay."  Davey wrote the check.  Josh was supposed to start the next week.

The next week came and went.  No word from Josh.  Davey called.  No answer.  Another week went by.  Still no word.  A month.  Two months."

Finally Josh called back and left a message.  He blamed the lack of progress on "bad weather."

Davey thought this sounded strange.  He started looking around on the Internet.  He found a lot of complaints.

He got a notice in the mail a few weeks later that Josh Thompson Home Repairs and Josh Thompson individually had filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  He would never be able to get his money back.  Nothing would be done to Josh.

Davey was outraged.  He'd been screwed over by men like Josh his whole life, so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Davey waited outside Josh's house early one morning.  Josh walked out the door towards his truck.

"Some crooks don't call stealing stealing," Davey said to Josh.

"What?"  BAM BAM.  Two shots sounded.  Josh feel to the ground dead.

The local news reported Davey White was believed to have shot Josh Thompson to death.  White had a history of bipolar disorder, and he had several criminal assault charges despite having a good work record.

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