Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Physical fitness is important for lawyers

In order to opetare at optimum level as an attorney you need to be in good shape.  Note: this does not mean you only work 9-5.  Physical fitness helps clear the mind and sharpen the intellect.  In recognition of the role fitness plays, rhe YLD continues with its wellness committee this year. In full disclosure,  I work out five times a week.

More SSD hearings

I do a lot if them.  I have one tomorrow.  Fired up and ready to go.

Key word search

This person searched every post I used the word pansy and commented.  Creepy.

Obamacare still law of the land

DC Circuit decision will be heard en banc and struck down.  Then there won't be a circuit split.  Therefore, SCOTUS won't hear it.  I like the HuffPo shot of POTUS at UVA. #wahoowa

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

This is based on a faulty premise (reductio ad absurdum)

It assumes I bought bottled water and didn't use tap water at my house.  False premise therefore premise is false.

Important to update your LinkedIn profile

Especially when you are a lawyer.  My profile views have been like a revolving door lately.

"Therein squats the toad"

Is a metaphor to describe an ugly truth underlying a complicated problem.  The ugly truth about lawyers is not all lawyers care in the way they should about their clients.  This is especially true in the Social Security disability realm where lawyers think they can handle a case because they get the medical issues.  Disability cases are about people's stories with the medical proof to prove it. It takes time and the ability to emphathize to handle these cases.  Saying you handle these cases isn't enough.

Monday, July 21, 2014

In action on TV

Important issue

This is a debate we need to have.

Obama nixes LGBT discrimination by federal contractors; there is no religious exemption

Obama nixes LGBT discrimination by federal contractors; there is no religious exemption.  Way to go Mr. President.  Leaders lead, and that's what you are doing when it comes to this issue especially.  Everyone has value, and that's what your executive order is saying.