Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#Snowmageddon2015, an "act of God" (force majeure)

Act of God is a common way for an insurance company to avoid paying claims.  Weather is a great example of an act of God--it is the ultimate act of God.  I've never heard of snow insurance, and I doubt anyone who has any sense would sell such insurance as that company wouldn't be in business for long. Expect there to be lots of insurance claims, but also expect insurance companies to get out of them based on the "act of God" disclaimer.  Now dumb things people do to make themselves liable, that's another question.

I #amwriting

And it's enjoyable.  Writing is a way to get your thoughts out, and it clarifies ideas.  It also opens the chambers of your mind to reveal new ideas.  I watched and interview with Dean Koontz recently, and he said the, "Imagination is like a tool--you have to work it."  So true.  Writing helps this.  I enjoy writing on my blog, writing articles, writing stories, writing poetry and writing cartoon captions.  I learn more about myself while (hopefully) helping others.


Sunday, January 25, 2015

#Mappingtheleft list by @NCCivitas is irresponsible

Because it lists left wing activists and asks for their addresses.  Why do you think they are doing this?  Their disclaimer is total crap.  They want people on this list to be harassed and worse.  Art Pope and the Koch Brothers are behind this just to name a few.  Here's the link to the list http://mappingtheleft.com/people/

Friday, January 23, 2015

Shared the stage with attorney Daryl Parks, attorney for families of #MichaelBrown, #TrayvonMartin and #TamirRice

We spoke to Hillside High School in Durham about the importance of education.  Daryl is a big time lawyer and a great guy.  He takes on many pro bono cases, and he fights the good fight.