Saturday, November 28, 2015

NC prison bans #Saga

for graphic sex depiction.  Jesus.

#PlannedParenthood attack made by a Christian terrorist

He wasn't Syrian nor was he Muslim.  No he was a white, Southern (from NC), Christian.  Not the elusive "other" spoken of on FOX News and in conservative internet rags, but he is part of the "Christian America" that poses the greatest threat to America.  This should unsettle us, but it shouldn't surprise us.  How else can you explain Donald Trump's success?

Monday, November 23, 2015

#microstory "A man named Zaxby"

"Where'd you get a name like Zaxby?" said the ER nurse.

"My mother liked chicken."

Zaxby loved to use prodigious amounts of hair gel, and it added to his property manager persona.  But no one liked Zaxby because he was a douche.

One day Zaxby tried to light a cigarette when a stiff breeze blew igniting his hair.

An eye witness said, "That boy put more grease in his hair than's on the chicken his mama named him after.  No wonder his hair went aflame." 

#chud who is demanding

#micropoetry "Greasy"

Your greasy hair 
could light a 
flame that 
doesn't exist in 
your brain.
But it would 
burn anyway 
your unknowing.