Monday, August 3, 2015

Thursday, July 30, 2015

#micropoetry #poetry "Bigots get defensive"

Bigots get defensive when you call them out on their thinly veiled racism.
The call the president "Muslim" as if it is a bad word because they cannot say the word they really mean.
And when you tell them they word everyone knows they really mean they accuse you of bringing up race.
It is ironic that they make race an issue and then accuse you of the same thing.

It is why they propose voter ID laws because the "fraud" they speak of is their fear of minorities voting. Because if they vote you can't keep them down anymore.
And when they can't be kept down the racists will be below them, but the racists have always been beneath them.

Racism is more subtle, but it is still there.
It is more hidden or coded.
People who wouldn't know a metaphor if it was written and read for them now use these words.
And they are too dumb to realize their code words are easily cracked like a message from a Captain Church decoder ring.

But they will go on being defensive because that's the best way to hide their true intentions, which is to be racist.
And they are too dumb to know everyone knows they are that way.