Thursday, July 20, 2017

police officer who murdered #JordanEdwards #BlackLivesMatter


Justice is served.

Let O.J. out #OJSimpsonParole

It is irrelevant what happened in 1995, and he was acquitted. Therefore, whether or not he murdered someone, is not relevant to separate criminal convictions in Nevada from 12 years later. He's been in prison for 9 years for stealing his stuff and assault. That's enough. He's served his time. The man is 70-years-old. He looks better than last time (2013), but he's a shell of what he once was. He's paid his debt. Let him be with his family and try and make something of the rest of his life.

Friday, July 14, 2017

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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

#ChrisChristie happy not to be #DonaldTrumpJr

Denizen of a glass house #microstory #inksketch

Elroy loved to pass judgment. And he knew everything and nothing at the same time.

"Lazy people are the problem with this country," he said. He was nursing a beer in the bar at the local country club.

But Elroy took off every winter to go sport fishing in Florida. His gut provided the perfect perch his fishing reel, and he could pull in a marlin like no other.

After a big day, Elroy shouted at Dirk, another fisherman, across the bay, "Quit dumping your garbage in the water."

"I already have a picture of you dumping at least fifteen beer cans into the water," said Dirk.

Elroy checked Dirk's Instagram. The picture had gone viral.