Friday, July 3, 2015

#micropoetry "Succubus"

It drains others.
It can be human or parasitic.
Sometimes it is both.


They are everywhere.

#poetry "Time is linear and nonlinear"

Time changes as it passes.
No day is the same,
but time is not always linear.

Past thoughts remain in the present.
They are the present
because they have their own reality.
They manifest themselves from the mystic miasma of memory.

Time changes,
But we are shaped by and present in the past.
It is an inescapable bane and blessing fighting for definition.

The past is never past,
and the present is never present
even though there are no real constants
but memories.
Even memories change though.
We remain incongruous and unresolved.

#TrudyWade and #JohnHardister sell out #Greensboro

The General Assembly is rotten, but Senator Trudy Wade and Representative John Hardister sold out Greensboro.  They stripped power from Mayor Nancy Vaughn (reducing her to being able to vote only when the city council has a tie), and they placed the four African American city council members into two districts.  Greensboro voters didn't ask for this slimy legislation.  Reprehensible.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

#truth #patriotic

How much can you earn and still receive SSDI? #SocialSecurityDisability

According to the SSA website (, you can earn up to $1,040 per month and still receive Social Security disability.  Anything below this amount is not deemed "substantial gainful activity."  SSA lets you work so long as your work is not substantial gainful activity.  In other words, you can work some, but you can't work much.  Anything $1,040 or more per month is too much.

Stop the #KKK rally on July 18th #takeitdown

Your average flag supporter.  These bums shouldn't be allowed to rally.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#BillOReilly trashes the most vulnerable, the homeless

This is nothing new.  Real "Christian." Pick on those who can't defend themselves.  

#micropoetry "Some Flags Only Stand for Hate" #takedowntheflag

Some flags only mean one thing
To say otherwise has a hollow ring.
Conceived in the heat of succession
When flown it frustrates progression.

Heritage not hate is what you say
But there are many others who see it a different way.

It stands for our collective dark stain.
Sadly those same prejudices remain.

A flag that stands for a slave state
Is a symbol of white hot hate.
And if it is not forever banned
We will always be a benighted land.

Social Media Day #SMDay: who cares?

Over a billion people.  Social media has redefined out lives.  It has made some millions and others billions.  It has spawned and ruined relationships.  It allows businesses to grow, and it takes people down both criminally and civilly.  In many ways, it polices the press and is the most egalitarian form of communication out there.  Lawyers use it (but they normally stink at it), and so do other professionals.  Many people--myself included--still don't grasp its full potential.