Tuesday, September 1, 2015


#micropoetry "August gone forever" #poetry

August is a bland month or
maybe it is the word.
Summer is its hottest near the end.
Like a dying star.

It is named for Caesar Augustus
who wasn't dull.
A month bears his name even though
one August is never the same as the other.
Why name a different thing after the same name?

Marking time with a name.
A day that has never occurred
bears the same name as the year before.
But nothing is ever new
yet all is the same.

#micropoetry "Summer Redux"

Hazy skies in the summer heat
but the heat is waning.
Summer redux.
Is it an ersatz version of itself?

Idle vampires are now awake
as their blood is being taken away.
Soon they will turn on each other--
if not already.

Monday, August 31, 2015

#micropoetry "Inspiration is elusive"

Inspiration is a tease.
It comes and goes without regard
for the damage inflicted by its fickleness.

Writing about something you enjoy and
believe in is rapturous.
Not being able to conjure up soaring
ideas is mental torture.
I am like a rubber band pulled
between these two extremes.


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Church drawing in honor of #FeartheWalkingDead

#micropoetry "Bucolic 4"

Gossip:  But we are a tobacco family.
Skeptic:  So you married your cousin?
Gossip:  No.  I married a (insert family).
Skeptic:  So what you are saying is you are only defined by a relation you had nothing to do with?

Saturday, August 29, 2015

#micropoetry "Bucolic 3"

Skeptic:  You didn't like that, did you?
Gossip: No.
Skeptic:  Hurtful, isn't it?  Here's some more hurt then.  Why did your kid only go to some bullshit college after years of private school?
Gossip:  An SEC school is a good school.
Skeptic:  Just one.  Not your kid's school.

#micropoetry "Katrina after 10"

Hurricane Katrina isn't remembered enough.
And that is sad.
As bad as 911.
Possibly worse.
But what is worse is the lack of recognition because most of the 2,000 plus who died were black.
If it had been a bunch of white people,
Fox News would be selling comerative plates to its drones.
We live in a racist country that doesn't believe #BlackLivesMatter.

#micropoetry "Bucolic 2"

Gossip: Bucolic is an offensive word.  Someone called our city that 20 years ago, and we are still mad.
Skeptic: So you gossip, trash people, meddle and are angry over the word bucolic?