Thursday, October 30, 2014

Not a guy I want to see in a dark alley

Tillis mess hole

This is what you get with Thom Tillis.

Angry English noble

Tough when feudalism is breaking up isn't it?

What is a Social Security disability 1696 form?

It is the most basic of forms for Social Security disability practitioners.  It is called the Appointment of Representative form.  The purpose of the form is to tell SSA the attorney or representative represents the claimant.  It amazes me how many lawyers fail to grasp the importance of this form and to fill it out in a timely fashion.  When you don't have this form, 1) you can't represent the claimant, and 2) you look like an incompetent attorney.  Get the form.  Fill it out.  Have your client.  Sign it--sign it twice.

Thom Tillis in a civics class

School was tough for the Senate candidate.


This is weird.  Guy walking down the street in GSO with Mark Walker and John Hardister signs.  So odd and very fringe behavior.  I should call the Paul McCartney people and let them know they may want to cancel.  GSO isn't cool enough if they elect Walker and reelect Hardister.
these guys.