Friday, October 9, 2015

#haiku "Just Walk Away Renee"

Reborn after sixty years 
In a different form 

#AdmiralAckbar for president #starwars

#flashfiction "Laboring for the anonymous"

The cold wind came early this year in Moravia.

Stan Hogan began to resent Hank Hogan aka "Donnie."  Donnie was the reason Stan had to beg for food and get spit on outside of the Hop-Hop station on Moravia Avenue.  The cold wind bit harder than in previous years because he was outside all the time now.

But Stan wasn't like other homeless people, many of whom couldn't help their predicament, and were quite sympathetic people.

"What are you doing at my computer?" said a man from behind Stan.

Stan turned around, and he saw a man he remembered.  Stan had gotten drunk one night and thrown trash at the man while he was begging.  Times had changed.

"I remember you," said the man.  "You…" The man's hand quivered, and his nicotine stain beard opened up to reveal nubs for teeth.  "I was so upset after you dumped your garbage on me that I started smoking meth, and now look at my teeth!"

"Not my fault," said Stan.

The man punched Stan in the face, knocking him to the floor.  Out cold.

The police officer saw the whole thing, but he remembered Stan and what a jerk he was.  So he helped the homeless man carry Stan outside where they dumped him on the front lawn.  Later another police officer came along and arrested Stan for sleeping in public.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

#microstory "Writing the future"

"I can't quit writing these things," Dave said.  They are too moribund because they hurt people, he thought..    Then he cried out, "My pen is physically harming people."

Dave believed what he wrote came to pass even though any sensible person would say it was a coincidence or a series of coincidences.  But he didn't believe in coincidence.

What did you do when the rational world broke down?  Things that didn't make sense happened everyday.  But why then did he keep writing?  Why did he continue in Vishnu's role?

Ronnie, who commented under the pseudonym in honor of a deceased commenter (whose name had been Donnie) went to the police with his list of crimes.

The police laughed at him and sent him on his way.

#microstory "Words deplete 'Donnie's' estate"

Hank Hogan aka "Donnie" trolled in obscurity for years, but he finally got caught.  He died soon after, but the lawsuit didn't.

Stan Hogan acted as executor of the estate, and the sheriff served him with the complaint, alleging causes of action (the same ones in the prior lawsuit against Donnie) against "Donnie's" estate.

"I ain't acting on this," said Stan.  "You can't sue no dead man."  Stan didn't believe in taking legal advice from lawyers.  He and his deceased brother were of the same mind on that point.

Plaintiff got a $250,000 default judgment against Hank Hogan's estate.  The only asset was the $80,000 house lived in by Stan Hogan.  Plaintiff evicted Stan Hogan, and he was now homeless.

Stan spent his days begging on Moravia Avenue near the Hop-Hop Station or on the Internet  at the library trolling people's blogs, who wrote better than he did.  Quite a tribute to "Donnie," who lived on as the negative energy he started flowed through Stan out into the world.